Movie: Puss in Boots

8:28:00 PM

puss-in-boots-movie-posterPuss – Antonio Banderas
Kitty Softpaw – Salma Hayek
Humpty Alexander Dumpty - Zach Galifianakis

Watched with Aj and Julian at SM Tunasan – as usual after attending Yohann’s first birthday party (11.13.11) at Jollibee:

141 per head = 423 total
lunch = free
Tom’s world = 100 pesos worth of coins
Rate: 3.5 / 5 stars

Why you should NOT watch it:
  1. You’re a grumpy old person.
  2. You have not time, money to spare.
  3. You hate cats (or anything furry and cute).
  4. Fairy tales are pathetic.
  5. It’s different from the story you know.
Why you SHOULD watch it:
  1. Being in the movie house is a lot better than doing the laundry or cleaning the goddamn house.
  2. Your kid loves cartoons.
  3. You love cartoons.
  4. Fairy tales without princesses are better.
  5. Cats (not found in your neighborhood) are so darn cute.

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