Update on New Year Resolutions

8:54:00 PM

I was busy checking up on old posts of mine when I came across an entry I made about my resolutions for this year. Click here for the whole entry. 

Here they are:
1. I will not wear make up for three months starting January.
2. Detox on the second week of January.
3. Bring Julian to the dojo consistently at least once during weekends to play judo.
4. No sweets and soda for the first three months.
5. Buy and read 5 books before June.

I'm still okay with the first one and so if you see me looking all glam, that's probably not me. Detox, failed. I was okay with two weeks but after that nothing. Number three never happened even once. First, the boy is still asleep by 10 in the morning and I have work until Saturdays. No sweets, failed also. Soda, I say I had two or three. Books, not even a pdf.

I have a lot of catching up to do. 

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