Nat'l Bloggers Association in the Phils?

12:09:00 AM

First of, I don't get to read newspapers and I have not researched well if there really is a plan or discussion of creating above mentioned group. Do we need a national bloggers association in the Philippines?

Those who are in favor of this idea argue that it's time that bloggers in the country be united through common objectives and principles to benefit members and avoid controversies like the "Big bad blogger".Whether this national association will benefit me or not, I don't like it. More than the possible restrictions, I don't like the idea of an It group in the world of bloggers.  Also, it would be next to impossible for would-be members to agree on a lot of stuff (click here for interesting views of bloggers and non-bloggers) just like in any other organization.

I don't make money out of blogging like others do. I write online not because I want to publicize my life, thoughts, or what not, but because it's a good place to keep something you don't want to be erased in case your hard drive crashes or your journal got burned. It's convenient, efficient, cheap, and flexible. You can make several back-ups and access it anywhere as long as you're connected to the web. Do I want all these good stuff gone? Of course not.

I believe the blogging community in the Philippines is doing okay. I don't think there are any real problems so a 'solution' is not necessary. Bloggers need to run free. Sure there are disadvantages of lack of regulations but like what others have said, there's an unwritten code of ethics among bloggers. if you're a jerk who writes lousy stuff, people are not that stupid to even bother looking at your stuff.

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