Let's HELP Japan

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TVs scattered everywhere!
I wonder how many cars are in this pile.
They look like colored wooden sticks, don't they? These are actually cargo containers.
I've been looking at pictures and reading news about Japan since the Tsunami incident. While we are all sad about what happened to Japan and its people, I am somewhat happy that this big of a crisis did not happen to the Philippines for two reasons. One, Japan is just awesome aside from sushi, manga, martial arts, and Maria Ozawa. They can rebuild and revive like no other Asian country can because of their strong sense of nationalism and discipline. Two, when the Philippines was struck by Ondoy, it felt like the end of the world. We're never prepared for something as big as what hit Japan because we lack the technology, resources, and character.

In Twitter and Facebook, people are clamoring for prayers for Japan. Screw prayers. Instead, do something that can actually help these people. There are a number of ways to do so. You can donate to charities or foundations. Just be careful though. It's most likely that bogus websites will come  up asking for donations so go only to reputable organizations like Red Cross and Save The Children. Some organizations in Facebook lets you help Japan by 'Liking' them. For example, like the 'Dog Bless You' fan page on Facebook and the more people 'like' their page, the bigger the donation to Japan would be. 

Let's be proactive and at the very least be updated of the situation. Extend help if we can. Feeling sorry for them and not doing nothing is pointless. While we are hoping big time that people get rescued soon, electricity and water be available soon, families get in touch with one another, and more help from other countries arrive really soon, ponder also if hoping is all you can do. Maybe there's more.

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