Sunday saved!

8:47:00 PM

As you know, I now spend six days for work leaving me with only a day off and that is today, a Sunday. You could just imagine how terrible I'm feeling because of my schedule. Two days off is not enough how much more with only one. It's physically and mentally tiring.

Now, I only have less than 24 hours to do everything I wasn't able to do during the workdays namely: general cleaning and laundry, DVD marathon, trip to the salon, spend time with Julian, chat with friends, argue with my mom, scold my siblings, take a nap, and stalk people on facebook and twitter.

Guess how many I was able to do today? Well I was able to clean the fridge inside out, wipe dust off every surface, scrub the floor clean, sort the tools drawer, arrange documents, fold clothes, wash the trash bins and fan, clean the garage (including the canal), and that's it. At eight pm I was able to finally take a bath.

Johnoy Danao, Philippines' best kept secret - Mo Twister
What a way to spend the only rest day I have. After dressing up, I finish all the updates in my PC, checked facebook and twitter. Then I saw Mo's tweet that GTA (Good Times Acoustic) is tonight and my favorite Johnoy Danao is the guest for the first episode of the show. Sweet lord. As I'm typing this, How to save a life by Fray is being played.

A million thanks to GTA for saving my Sunday.

(P.S. If you'd like to listen to a different taste of good music do check Johnoy Danao out and melt away with his voice and music. I highly recommend this guy! And Good Times With Mo the Podcast is also something I listen to religiously. Give it a try and I'm sure you'll love it.)

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