The battle that is dirty

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If there was a degree for house-keeping back in college, I'm pretty sure I would've taken that course because I believe I'm very good at it and I wouldn't mind being a housemaid if the pay was lucrative. I have a good eye for dusts, clutter, trash, dirt, and just about anything that keeps a room or house from being clean and neat.  I'll be totally fine without new shoes or bags but never with a dirty and messy house.

Dusting, wiping, scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, deodorizing, and arranging everything inside the house I'm very good at, but never with WASHING clothes. I loathe it! I can't get myself to like it no matter what I do. We grew up (me and my siblings) without a  nanny or housemaid that's why household chores are divided among us. I'd cook and clean but I will never do the laundry.

Every week, we have five of that waiting to be washed.
Photo here
I can be cleaning the house all day without feeling tired, but two hours into the laundry and I'm already miserable. With cleaning the house, the rewards are instant. You can see, smell, and feel your hard work right away. Unlike with doing the laundry, you would have to wait for them to completely dry, take them out of the clothesline, iron, fold, and stack them neatly in drawers and cabinets. After all that hard work, I always pray hard that the laundry baskets would remain empty for at least two days but with our household, impossible.

Not only is laundry work tiring, it's also a source of my depression. Somehow, no matter what kind of detergent or bleach I use, stains on white items will always be there. You work so hard to remove them and when you finally thought they're gone and you're happy, they re-appear to make you feel miserable of your laundry skills.

However, if I had a gadget like this one, laundry days would be but a breeze. I'm thinking you just put the detergent, bleach, fabric conditioner, and clothes there, push some buttons, be pretty and when you take your clothes out, they're good as new! All for the price of 34, 900 pesos and unlimited supply of water.
34, 900 pesos from Abenson Appliance Store
Or if I had a laundry room like this:
Photo here
Or this:
Photo here
Why is there a white couch on a laundry room? 
Now that we've discussed my frustrations about doing the laundry right, did you know that baking soda, salt, and vinegar can make your laundry experience better than mine? I haven't tried any of them but for tips, you can go here. Let me know if they work and I'll try them this weekend.

Washing machine from Electrolux
Abenson Appliance Store

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