Bananas are Mean!

2:05:00 PM

Bananas are mean!
As you know, I'm all crazy about shedding off some pounds (is 30lbs some?). In between tasks and listening to Mo's podcast, I search for ways to lose weight. From exercise to dieting. I don't have time to really exercise these days since I spend 6 days for work and 1 day for household affairs.

Unlike an officemate who finds eating more of a task, for me it's a hobby. God do I love eating, so I have to find a way to be able to eat more healthy and/or suppress my gluttony. I've tried several appetite suppressants and so far Slimina worked for me. I stopped for two weeks though and so the monster is back. I thought of going the more difficult but righteous path of eating healthy. Cut on carbs, increase protein, add more fiber, less oils and sweets, the works. Unfortunately, the good foods I should be eating are my sworn enemies, like this banana right here.

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