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The first thing I was really worried about the moment we landed in Silay was food. I have no idea what to expect and I didn’t do any research about restaurants or places with good food.

Here are some we’ve tried so far:

1. Food Park

The crispy pata was okay, nothing special. The kare-kare was awful. It was bitter and it had more bones than meat! We didn’t really appreciate it when the staff started cleaning everywhere and putting the chairs on top of the tables while we were still eating. It really felt like they were rushing us and all the dirt they were swiping off the tables were flying to ours. DSC_1811

2. Sir/Ma’am Restaurant

We ordered lechon kawali and morcon. The lechon kawali did taste like lechon! But the morcon was like a gigantic lumpiang shanghai or embotido, nothing like the morcon we’re used to having.DSC_1912

3. Greenoz

The food here was surprisingly good! Great value for your money. The monstrous pizzas back home were usually famous because of their size but the taste isn’t so satisfying. Here, they actually taste great! Thin crust, loaded with toppings, and very affordable.DSC_1821

4. Hestia’s Restaurant

Had high expectations for this place since I’ve read in some other blogs that the food here was pretty good. I had the chicken inasal and garlic rice. The chicken was pale and small while the garlic rice was too oily and not garlicky at all. Most importantly, they don’t have chili peppers! Might give it another shot though since a friend mentioned that their batchoy is very good.DSC_1969

5. 1925 Café

Probably never coming back here. I was rooting for this place since they serve pasta and cakes but I was completely disappointed when I ordered one of their bestsellers, the kangkong pesto with chicken bbq, and it was a little awful. The pasta was a bit too tough, not enough chicken meat, the pesto sauce looked like it didn’t want to be in the dish at all, and the bread stick was … out of place?

Their water container was very pretty though. DSC_1995

6. Manukan

We got lost looking for this place! Right after work, my boss and I drove to Bacolod City to meet up with Sir Paul and have dinner since it was his last night in Silay. He said the place was right across SM Bacolod. On our way there, we passed by Robinson’s which was just along the main road so we thought that SM will be along the main road, too. Boy were we wrong. Thank you GPS for helping us find the right way. Anyway, Manukan’s like a strip of barbecue restaurants and I didn’t get the name of the place we went to. The sisig was pretty delish and the chicken inasal, too (but it still had some blood near the bones). DSC_1819

7. Tito Chuck’s

So far, it’s one of my favorites. The utensils and dinnerware were well thought of (look at that palayok!). The sinigang (I forgot what kind of fish was in there) was very good; the sour taste was not overwhelming but the kick was there and the fish tasted fresh. The lechon kawali was not so bad but it’s still not as good as my favorite.DSC_1932

8. Pamilya Grill

Absolutely loved the buttered broccoli and cauliflower. It was the first time I ever ate broccoli and I’m so happy it was with this dish. I forgot the name of the beef dish but it was similar to kaldereta but not as spicy. The sizzling bangus was kind of sad. DSC_1915

9. “Open 24 hours”

We have no idea what this place is called. We only saw “Open 24 hours” written at the store. It was near the big church. Anyway, the food wasn’t so bad for 39 pesos! Most of the dishes cost 39 pesos and they served a lot of sizzling something: tapa, tocino, porkchop, etc.DSC_1922

10. Caryen

I didn’t take any photos when we had dinner here but their kansi/bulalo was good and very affordable. It’s better than the ones I’ve had in Tagaytay (or anywhere else, actually).

I’m no food critic or blogger, okay? This is just to document my trip here and hopefully this can be a guide for my colleague who would possibly go here, too.

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