Eat in Silay: El Ideal

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I’ve been passing by this place so many times but it was only a few days ago that I decided to finally dine here. Bought cookies and some goodies before but was really hesitant to dine here for some weird reason. They say it’s the oldest bakery here in Silay and the place definitely looked ancient.

Anyway, others told me to try the pancit, dinuguan, and the apple-guava pie but I tried the egg pie, grilled spareribs, breaded pork chop, and breaded chicken. I also tried their la paz batchoy. The breaded pork and grilled sparerib were okay. I don’t recommend the chicken and egg pie (melted when I got back to the office!). The la paz batchoy was not amazing (too oniony) when I think about it now, but I thought it was perfect the time I ordered it since it was raining heavily then.


No photo of the grilled sparerib since I ran out of batt but it looked a lot like a pork chop sans the skin.

Their cookies and biscuits are quite good (though not exactly cheap)! Please try the angel cookies with chocolate chip and the one with the caramel filling (bottom pic). Too bad they don’t sell Napoleones anymore. I badly need to find a store that sells this delicious pastry.


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