Eat in Silay: B+C Breakfast Club, Bar, and Coffee

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It started with the baby back ribs, then the grilled liempo, then tocino, and I noticed I’m having lunch in B+ C almost every day. I love this place because it’s a couple of steps away from where I’m staying at. Plus, it’s a comfy place to dine at; it’s usually not crowded before 12PM, it’s well lit, there’s WI-FI, cable TV, and interior’s not hard to the eyes.

Not bad for 160 pesos. It’s not fall off the bone tender but not too tough either. It was pretty okay for me. DSC_2026[2]
My favorite! I don’t know if it was because I haven’t had grilled liempo for a long time or it was just good. The serving size is good enough for an extra rice for some. 160 pesos, too.DSC_2045[1]
I can probably live off tocino for weeks. Two fried eggs, buttered rice, and slices of sweet pork. 100 pesos!DSC_2063[1]
Beef tips. I don’t know how to describe this dish. It’s like salpicao without the dark sauce. It’s buttery and garlicky. I ordered an extra side of potatoes and carrots with honey mustard dressing. I think this was all I ate the whole day. DSC_2077[1]
B+C’s spaghetti. Too sour for my taste. Like most pinoys, I like mine sweet and spicy. I think I can make a better red sauce spaghetti than this one. 100 pesos.DSC_2080[1]
Ham and cheese sandwich served with fries. Nothing special and honestly, I got a little disappointed when I saw my order. 100 pesos.DSC_2081[1]
Burger steak! The sauce was a little too creamy and salty for me. You’ll be served with two thin beef patties on a sizzling plate with generous mushroom sauce all over. 160 pesos.DSC_2089[1]
Cute longganizas. Wouldn’t recommend this meal. 100 pesos.DSC_2097[1]
It’s probably because I’ve had really good sisig before that this came as a big disappointment. 160 pesos.DSC_2115
Grilled spareribs. I really enjoyed this one. I think I was saying “yum” while chewing. The serving was good, too. Downside, not well done and no sidings! Good thing they were nice enough to give me spicy vinegar. 160 pesos.DSC_2134
Beef steak. The usual pinoy bistek only a little sweeter. Didn’t get to enjoy this much because of my scalded tongue. I’m sure this would have been a better meal if they served more of the buttered corn and carrots. 160 pesos.DSC_2173
Hopefully I’ll be able to try out the rest before I go home. Only one item from the special menu I haven’t tried, the bangus.

Food price is from 100 to 160. They serve pastas, burgers, breakfast meals, and their specials. Coffee is from 40 to 60, I think. A slice of cake is 80.

Will update in a few days.

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