Ruins in Talisay

11:05:00 PM

Finally! I thought my laziness would win! But several power outages throughout the day convinced me that I should definitely go out instead of scrubbing the bathroom floor.

I thought I had the commuting thing figured out since I read the directions well on how to get to this place everyone’s talking about. When I got to the terminal though, people there STRONGLY advised that I should definitely take a cab. 350 pesos for bringing me there and the driver would wait for me and will bring me to Chinatown after.

350 pesos cab fair + 50 pesos village or subdivision entrance + 80 pesos entrance at the Ruins. Well I guess it’s not so bad since it was safer and more comfortable than riding a tricycle. DSC_2135DSC_2136DSC_2139DSC_2140DSC_2141DSC_2143DSC_2144DSC_2150[1]DSC_2151[1]DSC_2156DSC_2158DSC_2160DSC_2162

The mansion was really fancy and beautiful. You can just imagine how majestic this place was before it was burned down. The land around it was vast! I wonder how tiresome it must have been to maintain it.

This would be a great place to hold events like weddings or debut parties but not for sight seeing. I got disinterested after a few minutes of taking pictures. There’s really not much to see! Plus the lovey doveys there were so annoying, as if in every turn there’s a pre-nup photo op.

I went to 888 Chinatown after! Bought a couple of stuff for myself then went to Café Bob’s for dinner, where I scalded my tongue when I tried to battle with the carbonara, which tasted pretty dull. I mean, I’m sure I can make a better one. But the green apple fruit tea was delish! I’ll try their cakes some other time.


This was a productive and expensive day. I hope I can visit the museum in Bacolod next week and hopefully find delicious but affordable food.

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