Eat in Silay: Balaring

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Silay’s version of Dampa. There are several seafood restaurants in Balaring and we chose Melken’s. I thought it would smell of fish and the sea (unpleasant kind) because the restaurants sit on top of the water, but the air was clear and you won’t get that sticky feeling either (unlike when you’re at Roxas Boulevard, for example) after staying for quite a while.

I’m so sorry my photos didn’t do the dishes any justice. I badly wanted to re-arrange the plates and take many shots but I was dining with very important people so I only took photos when Miss Yay said, “O picture-an mo na tapos upload na!” I guess she sensed that I was sitting unpleasantly by her side doing nothing while one dish was being brought to our table after another, so she cheered me on. Embarrassing but it was worth all the envy I got from people in the office.

We ordered lots! Sinigang, sizzling bangus, calamares, inihaw na liempo, stuffed pusit, and fried rice. I couldn’t stop from exclaiming “Ang sarap!” in between bites. The food was really good!

You should definitely eat here. It’s quite far from the city proper but it’s worth it.DSC_2015[1]

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