Happy 57th Charter Day Silay City

11:01:00 PM

And happy independence day, Philippines!

My mom, like always, posted something in Facebook about how significant this day is to all of us. Especially me.

Anyway, I was home the whole day and didn’t have anything better to do. After finishing some chores and running a few errands, we just watched TV. Few stupid shows later, my housemate asked if I’d like to have some coffee at a shop slash restaurant near our place. Hey, why not?

All we wanted was to hangout, have some coffee, and spend the night peacefully. Well, things completely turned around when we said yes to an invitation to join the street party happening at the plaza.

People were everywhere! It was crazy. I literally rubbed elbows with many people. I did not expect it to be so jam-packed! You can tell everyone’s having fun even though beer was expensive. It must have been because of the insanely delicious chicken isaw. I’ve tried pork isaw, but I never liked chicken isaw. However, what they sell around here is so heavenly, I had no reasons not to try it! People around me then must have felt really irritated hearing me say over and over how good it was! Or that I gobbled up everything served to us.

It was a very fun night indeed. Good food, cold drinks, and fun people. Let’s do this again!DSC_2041[1]



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