Balay Negrense

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Okay so I’m throwing out these entries about my stay here in Silay without any order because I’m lazy and busy like that.

Anyway, I don’t even remember when we went there. We didn’t really have much to do and it was Sir Paul’s last day here so we decided to go on a trip. Well you can’t even call it that since Balay Negrense was like three or four blocks away from where we were staying.

After munching on lots of pizza at Greenoz and drowning on Coke, we headed to Balay Negrense.

The food here was surprisingly good! Great value for your money. The monstrous pizzas back home were usually famous because of their size but the taste isn’t so satisfying. Here, they actually taste great! Thin crust, loaded with toppings, and very affordable.


It was kind of tough taking decent photos since it was too sunny and bright. I got so impatient adjusting my camera’s settings that I just point and shoot.




Dining hall at the second floor.DSC_1851DSC_1852

Creepy clock.


I don’t know what you call this part of the house, but this was at the back.DSC_1859

That’s not a bicycle. It’s a motorcycle.DSC_1860

Wonderful pieces of art made from a single piece of wire. Awesome.DSC_1863DSC_1866DSC_1872

Creepy dolls.DSC_1841

What I really loved about this place was the garden. DSC_1879DSC_1880DSC_1897

They said this is an Acacia. I don’t know anything about trees but this definitely didn’t look anything like the Acacias I’ve seen before. It’s pretty but very creepy at the same time.


They really requested for a “pre-nup” shoot.DSC_1901


My favorite shotDSC_1908

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