Happy 18th!

10:40:00 PM

Happy 115th independence day Philippines!

Today, I'm also celebrating my eighteenth year anniversary when I got lost in Luneta. Good times!

Flower stalls at Farmer's Market in Cubao. Just beautiful stuff. And felt bad we don't have this in Alabang.
The only time J.Co's not crowded!
Jcoccino, Alcapone, and a free glazed donut at J.Co! Happy breakfast.
Watched Man of Steel at Shang. Will definitely post a review after watching it again this weekend with the baby boy.
Was up early to meet a special friend today and it's official, breakfast or lunch meet-ups (was home at around 4:30 PM!) are awesome. Less pressure and less stress actually. Anyway, thank you for the short but sweet date. 

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