To the sweetest boy...

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Happy birthday baby!

I remember posting somewhere before how I once wished for the love of my life, they said if you wish hard enough it will come true. I was very detailed; I want him sweet, playful, funny, cute, he'll never get tired of conversing with me, and he'll love me unconditionally. My prayer was perfect and it was granted!, Only I forgot to include the kind of relationship I wanted to have with this boy; Julian came into my life five years ago.

Julian's dad and I didn't plan the whole thing. Two months into our relationship, I got pregnant. We were hella crazy! I was fresh out of college and was on my first job while Aj was just about to finish school. It was one helluva roller coaster ride. I ran for the hills and left everything back home. It was a stupid thing to do but at the time, it felt like I had to do. I was embarrassed that I got knocked up too early and I was too smart for that so I was convinced that I should at least try to go through the pregnancy without being a burden to anyone (well I rented one of my Aunt's rooms so maybe I burdened her a little bit).

I'm very thankful that Julian did not give me a hard time while he was still inside my belly. He let me work until the 9th month, let me sleep and eat, and move about without any difficulty. I didn't even experience "morning sickness" or edema. He didn't make me ugly, too! People often told me that maybe I was having a girl because I was blooming and I looked, er, not pregnant aside from the big bulge.

Anyway, enough of that. Today we celebrated our baby boy's fifth birthday. I'm not for spoiling but a great kid deserves only the best. So thank you Daddy Aj for the fun party and for the gifts. He loved each one of them. Thank you for being a cool dad. You're always there for him and his needs (and most of the time, wants!). I can't thank you enough because you're very good at being a father.

Thanks Tita Len and Tito Arkim for the photobooth! Everybody loved it. Remember Hetty? When she threw a tantrum on your debut? Well, when Hetty saw the photobooth, she decided to just stay there and become the backdrop. She only left when it's time for them to dance. 

Thanks Ate Micha and Mom for the wonderful cake although it didn't make it on time. Thanks to heavy traffic and rain, I almost scalped my brother for not making it but when Julian saw his cake, the first thing he said was, "Mom, can I eat Spiderman?" And when I asked if he likes it, he said "Yeah. It's delicious!" He couldn't wait to get a slice.

And of course, thanks to everyone who found time and celebrated with us. We truly appreciate it. For those who didn't make it, "bawal na kayo dumaan sa tapat ng bahay namin" Kidding. We have next year, don't we? 

For our baby, I hope this post will still be around by the time you can understand the words written here. I would just like you to know that you are loved by many and that your Dad and I are very proud of you. We will always be here. We want you to be happy, healthy, and safe all the time. Sometimes I wish you'd never grow old so that you'll be my baby forever and you'll always wear costumes to parties and Daddy will have to buy you toys and we'll watch cartoons all day until the CD breaks.  We'll play all day with your babies (recent addition is Black Eye) and we'll give them baths and wait for them to dry.

Again, we love you so much Julian Vallen. Study hard and we'll party harder.

P.S. The rest of the photos are on my facebook account. :)

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