Morning blues

7:00:00 AM

9:05 AM. Shit. I should have left 10 minutes ago to make sure I get to work on time, but instead, I have spent a good 15 minutes in front of the large mirror in my bedroom, brushing my damp hair and convincing it to fall in just one place. It's more than frustrating really because this has been my ritual for the past 14 months or so. Everyday, at around 9 in the morning, I make a quiet promise to myself that I will get up as soon as my alarm goes off and not hit the snooze button 12 times. Yet, here I am. Taming a beast of hair and I don't have much time or patience left to dry it out completely. Like the usual, I scour the room for a band and like the usual, there's none. So I grab a pen that no longer writes and stick it to my hair, making a bun. I push it all the way inside the bun just so it doesn't get any unwanted attention.

9:10 AM. I grab my stuff and hurry outside. God I hope traffic's light today. Part of being poor and cheap is having to commute and bear with all the niceties that comes with public transportation.

I reached half of my destination earlier than expected. I can still grab some breakfast and coffee. My day isn't that bad after all. I'm at my desk 10 minutes before 10. I open my email while taking a bite off my sandwich. Oh good! I've never had chicken and egg at the same time. I think it's kind of cruel to put them together but I didn't know my sandwich had eggs until now. Was that mayo? Lovely! Where can I buy this kind of mayo? I'd like it in all of my sandwiches from now on. Now, if only I can find out which brand.

So egg and chicken on my sandwich. What a very unlikely pair if you ask me. Like what I said, it's cruel. What if the chicken meat is from the hen that laid those eggs? I suddenly remembered that documentary I saw several years ago about the violence in Africa. Women are either raped by the bad guys or they ask the women's husband or son to rape them. Sick. Just sick. Now I feel like this sandwich should have been part of that documentary. And I feel awful because it tastes so good.

While I'm wiping that delicious mayo off the corner of my mouth, I noticed the time on my computer. It's 10:02 AM. Fuck. I have not timed-in.

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