Operation: Tokyo Bubble Tea

10:36:00 AM

Earth Hour!
I didn't make this. I just took a picture. This was at our quadrangle.
Work hard. Party harder!

Well in our case, EAT ALL THE FOOD!

We usually order food during Saturdays but this time the girls and I decided to skip delivery. I brought some pork chop (from G4) and egg salad sandwich for our lunch and snacks. You'd thought we'd skip dinner because of what we've been eating all day, but noooooo (right Jamie?).


Had dinner at Tokyo Bubble Tea at Westgate last Saturday after work with the girls. Since we were beyond full, I thought we'd just have some dessert and tea. Until we had a good look at the menu that is.
L-R: Jamie, Yuann, Ta Din
I have no idea why they wanted me to take a photo of these.
Ramen something for Ta Din!
Beef Gyuudon for me! 
Pork Tonkatsu ala curry.
Chicken something. 
B O O B S 
Medyo nahiya. 
We stayed until past 11 and they didn't ask for any last orders so I'm not sure until what time they're open. Anyhoo, the place was cute and smelled nice. Plus the decals on the walls caught Ta Din's attention (she claims they're not leveled). Their tea (PHP 95 for a 16oz) was excellent! We tried the best sellers: passion fruit, lychee, and strawberry, while Yuann tried the chocolate milkshake (I think?) and they were all good. As for the food (PHP 185 to PHP 245), nothing special but not bad either (thank you chili powder that we so wanted to take home!).

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