Wigs, school uniform, and a whole lot more.

1:33:00 PM

"We should have bought wigs", my friend said.

My first time to attend a comic/cosplay convention. Was at CBLT, Mega Mall yesterday to meet a friend and saw some girls wearing long pink wigs. I got curious and asked my friend that we follow where they're going. I thought there must be more of them since I saw "Mask Rider Black" on the escalator while making my way to our meeting place. So we followed them around but they went to a restaurant! I almost got sad that the event may be over but thanks to the Interwebs and found out that it's still going on at the trade hall. Weeee!

We saw Spiderman on our way but he never showed up at the event (I'm guessing he went home).

Saw a lot of Fynn the Human from Adventure Time, a lot of girls in colorful wigs and Jap school uniforms, one Naruto who's probably not eaten in weeks or months, Dante from Devil May Cry who looked a lot like he just came from a beach trip, and several others I'm not familiar with. At all.

There were games (PS3), merchandise for sale (toys, pins, key chains, bags, clothes, costumes, stuffed animals, art work, etc.), food, bands, and geeks.

Ice cream and dinner after.

Fun fun fun! I wonder what next week's gonna be. Happy weekend everyone!

P.S. The first time in years that I wasn't asked to take photos. Thank you Miss Dalaga for being the photographer.

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