Grade School Level Unclocked!

1:15:00 PM

I couldn't take decent pictures because everyone's everywhere!
Plus I couldn't do my ninja moves because of my high heels. 
Another level unlocked and I'm sure everyone who loves Julian is just as proud that he's done with pre-school, finally! More than graduating, I'm happy that he enjoyed school. He never threw tantrums at anyone while other kids wail and ask for their mommies.
Pre-school: CHECK!
Grade school: SOON!
There were mornings when he wished he could just stay at home and play all day but when I tell him that he has to go to school, he'd just march upstairs quietly and he'd come back all dressed (smelling nice) and ready for school. Homework and review sessions were never an issue as well. I never had to push him to study (writing 1 - 100 is an issue though).

Anyhoo, the program was pretty quick and the kids (well, most of them anyway) were quite cute, even the crying ones (especially them).

It's the first time Julian's a part of a presentation and for days I bugged him about his role as a big caterpillar and he never gave much away during my interrogations. He wasn't really a big caterpillar but was part of one. Here he is:

I was grinning ear to ear while watching, it was that great of a feeling seeing your boy flail his arms while moving in circles with his classmates on stage because he was the best damned part of a big caterpillar.

More photos of us in case you're interested:
The most frustrating cap I've ever met!
Julian: Momsh, I'm so very very very H U N G R Y.
Sorry if his hair looks ridiculous. I have no idea how to fix it. Hehehe..
Enjoy your summer vacation baby. You deserve it!

P.S. Thank you Lola and Lola for the food!

**The play was about The Hungry Caterpillar and funnily enough Julian wouldn't stop eating that day. Before we left the house, he had a hearty breakfast, then we had lunch at Chowking (his favorite), he gobbled up some cookies and cupcakes after the presentation, and begged for more when we got home. He then told me, "Momsh, I am still hungry. I'm like a caterpillar, right?".

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