Not so kulob anymore!

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Friday night out with the girls (and Nadzter). 

We're right in the middle of everything and we're still too lazy to take a 10-minute (at most) tricycle ride to numerous bars and restos at BF or take the Jeep and head to Southmall or ATC. There had to be a resto-slash-bar right outside our gate.

And voila! We must thank whoever wished so hard for a place like this to exist right outside our compound's gate.
L-R: Nad, Bey, Din, Yuann, Jamie, Mica
'Crispy' Pork Sisig
Tough instead of crispy. Not hot and spicy enough. T'was okay.
Chicken Sisig
Lots of white onions. Okay but lacks something, love.
Place is great. Nice and comfy tables and chairs (we're thinking how we can snatch a whole set and take it home). View isn't awesome but the veranda's very airy and the comfort rooms are very neat and clean. Beer is cheap (200 a bucket), not chilled but ice keeps coming. Food, well, is another story. We tried their Dynamite during our first visit and I could do better (LBM for me and Jamie). We ordered sisig (pork and chicken) and they cost as much as the ones at popular joints but not as delish (too many onions, not hot enough, pork was tough). Bey and Nad ordered spaghetti and calamares. They weren't so thrilled with them either. We also tried their french fries, not great but good enough to have everyone dig in.

It was a fun night. Learned about Shaina, Kim, and Maja's dance moves from Yuann. We sang! Good heavens. Video to be posted next. Let's do this again next week! :D

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