One night stand

4:02:00 PM

Ooops. Sorry. Night stand! Or a bed side table.

For several months now, my computer table served as my night stand as well. But I got bored one Sunday and decided to re-arrange my room again. The computer table is now opposite my bed so I'm missing a night stand.

To make up for the loss, I grabbed a stool from our Ku-Bo and used it as a temporary night stand. Cute but not much space to put stuff in/on.
Cheap flowers but they wilt so easily.
Peach scent, I learned, kills cockroaches! 
The dad's on a 'winning streak' with the mom so he's in no position to say no to the children (that's us). Caught up on him this morning on my way to work and asked him to make me a really nice night stand! Of course he wouldn't say no. Or else.

Now I'm up to my elbows looking for the perfect night stand design. HELP!

Too many to choose from!
  1. Top drawer, open bottom shelf
  2. Top open shelf, two drawers
  3. Top drawer, one-door cabinet
  4. Two layer open shelf
  5. Top drawer, open shelf (princess type)
  6. Two drawers
  7. Top drawer, open bottom shelf (concave)
  8. Three drawers
  9. Top drawer, open shelf (box type)
Of course I'd get the one with the drawers but there are too many to choose from. Any tips in choosing a design?

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