Finally. Ze love month iz over!

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  1. Ran out of milk. Slept with a sad heart. :(
  2. Ipis killer! Peach scent.
  3. Lunch out with the girls at Chicboy Molito.
  4. Spiderman face paint addict.
  5. Spicy beef noodles. 
  6. One huge bowl of oatmeal love.
  7. Baby sitting Deacon.
  8. The comfiest running shoes. EVER.
  9. End of the month and diabetes. There's a direct link.
  10. Mommy Grace's birthday bash.
  11. The best beer mate.
  12. Started running again. Bilibid skies after five in the afternoon.
  13. Jamie's POLK siomai from Chowking. 
  14. Mommy Grace's pizza treat.
  15. Family day and School fair of A-Plus International School at Palm's Country Club.
  16. Deacon is ze man.
  17. Coffee toppings: ANTS. 
  18. Skirts galore. Upcoming project with the girls. So excited. 
  19. Jurassic nails no more. Finally!
  20. Burma Street at night. Tried running after 10 PM but couldn't.
  21. Muchas Grasas kiddos! 
  22. Bon Chon madness. Spicy mayo is the bomb.
  23. "Kulang ka sa saging!" My mom would definitely say. My 2nd toe had a seizure of its own.
  24. Dynamite that could launch LBM! 
  25. Night out with Mica and Jamie at Faima. Right outside our company's gate! One round of free beer from the owner.
Every single month's become a roller coaster ride and it's not as bad as the first few rides. It's become entertaining and enjoyable at some point. Whining and crying have become shrieks of delight from free food at the office, late afternoon runs with an awesome playlist and background, food delivery every Saturday, eating out, new books, new episodes and HD versions at isohunt, surprise visits and the lack of it, a new haircut, Julian's really doing great at school, plus he's showing signs of greatness at Judo (according to the Lola), etc. 

According to my horoscope for this year, it's going to be a struggle and I'm very much willing to fight. If I must go down, I'll go down swinging. Here we go March!

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