Julian's first Judo competition

10:50:00 PM

Weeeeeeee! A silver medal!
My mom's idea. Told her that Julian's probably not ready yet and he might take it really bad if he loses. So I refused to enter him in the tournament and didn't pay the fee.

Day before the competition, somebody tells me that Julian is going to play. Oh well.

I arrived late and his first match was already over. He lost. Hip throw by the opponent, full point. When I saw him, he was crying. I thought it was because he lost. Apparently, my beloved sister decided to be a dentist that time; pulled out Julian's loose tooth. He got a little bit hysterical about it. He handed me his tooth wrapped in tissue and asked me to keep it for him. "The tooth fairy will get it later mommy," he said.

Waited eagerly for his match to start.
That's why he didn't want to play again.

But after a little prodding, I convinced him to play again. So we staged a second match for him! And he won! The little boy was so happy!

Could't take a video because ...
We were too busy shouting and cheering.
He won the next match and he was beyond happy, right? My next problem was where to get a certificate and medal in case he asks for them! Good thing he really did land a place.

Thank you Love!
Muntinlupa Judo Academy
Proud mommy. Yes!!!
Thanks De La Salle Zobel Judo club for the fun experience and for the shirt and key chains, too! Sa uulitin!

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