Another Year. Another Baby!

1:54:00 PM

Another year for Andoy.
Another baby for Jamie!
After the Halloween party, we realized that it’s never too early to prepare for any event.  A month’s worth of planning, secret messaging, bullying, printing, cutting, editing, cajoling, hiding, printing, pasting, scurrying, etc.
Do not underestimate the power of popsicle sticks, cards, and stars!
I swear there was an R there when I left the shop. I have no idea where it went. DSC_0493[1]
Ran out of bags so they improvised! Paper cups + cut outs + assorted chocolates = instant loot bags (or cups?)DSC_0494[1]
The first game was supposed to be “Don’t say baby”. We cut out pins and each guest will be given one. If anyone will hear you say ‘baby’ throughout the shower, they’ll take your pin and whoever has the most number of pins will win. Unfortunately, those who decorated the place was not aware and had a different plan with the pins. They thought they were decorations.
On to the next game then; measure the belly! The winner, Ms. Jasmin! She was so happy with the prize, I swear.DSC_0496[1]
We didn’t have time to take a proper group photo because everyone was so hungry way before the program started so as soon as we stepped inside, people got busy grabbing plates and getting food.
Happy birthday Andoy! We didn’t even try to pull off a surprise for you since you’ve been celebrating your birthday with us for so long, I don’t think you’ll find it amusing anymore. Thank you for the pizza!

To Miss Jamie, the Attitude Queen! We were almost convinced our act would be wasted because you decided to throw a fit minutes before the shower! Thanks to our number 1 artista, Ms. Micah! I really hope you were surprised! We got the banner wrong, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Thanks to the Events Team for another successful partey! Let’s bring enough utensils for everybody next time!

P.S. Here's Ms. Jamie opening her gifts.

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