Long lost sons and daughters of the sea

8:28:00 PM

La Luz Resort, San Juan, Batangas
I can't even remember the last time:
my toes touched sand,
the family went out of town (yes, Batangas is so out of town),
I've stayed under the sun for so long.

If it weren't for my sister and her husband, we would never have pushed through with this trip for many reasons I don't want to bore you with. I know they weren't too pleased with how much they spent for the short vacay but they still did anyway. I'm kidding. They're very generous with us.
Me and Julian, Chong and Kimy, Mother and Father, Jewel and Ronnie, Jigs and Julian, and Semo
Getting there was a little bit tricky. Well a tricycle driver tried to trick us. I think there are three bus stations for Batangas in Alabang: Starmall, near Hen Lin (across Starmall), and at South Station. Fare is 90 pesos to Lipa City. Then we went to Robinson's via jeepney. From Robinson's you have two options: jeepney or van. We rented a jeepney for 1,300 pesos. A really good choice! The trip from Lipa to the resort was longer than the trip from Alabang to Lipa!
Well the long commute was really worth it.
Beach. Sand. Sun. Food. Family. What else is there to need?
The first thing my dad wanted to do was sleep on the cabana. Couldn't really blame him.
   Lunch! Forgot to take pictures of what was on the buffet table. Hunger got in the way.
Chicken with pineapple sauce and bagnet! Sweetened bananas and sago.
Father was not impressed: "Walang kare-kare o bulalo?"

As the eldest, it's a big relief to know that your younger sisters are with good men. My sisters are not really very feminine or the best examples of being ladies so I'm really happy that they're treated liked a princess by their partners. That's me, what more my mom.
Arkim, Chong, Me, mother, Jewel, and Ronnie
   He was so excited to get in the water!
Best buds. If it's just the two of them. It’s a completely different story when there are others around.
   Well the flip sister of course has a flip boyfriend. Is that so surprising?
I'm pretty sure she's a heavier than Ronnie.
Before you make any conclusions as to how this happened to her, the boyfriend put her there. Well she asked us to put her there, but she dug a hole first then asked us to cover her with sand.
"My precious..."
Julian, mother, Chong, Me, Jewel, and Ronnie
Them: swim all day!
Me: Main photographer
The water's pretty cold and the waves are strong, too. The sand is very coarse and there's a good mix of rough and smooth stones as well.
   Pictorial 1.
Jewel: picturan mo kami dali! Kunwari papalapit kami sa'yo.
   Pictorial 2.
Mother: picturan mo kami dali para kunwari sweet.
   Lovely set-up for dinner.
The lady in green? She really looked like our neighbor!
Breaded chicken, dessert, pork in yogurt sauce, fish with lemon sauce, and chopseuy
Do not play UNO Stacko with an Engineer and Architect!
Arkim with his pitik move.
The loser will sleep upstairs.
The stack I lost to. Bwisit ka Jigs.
This is what we woke up to.
Beautiful morning.
Ze omelette station, bread, garlic rice, salted fish, tocino, cereals and jams
"Beefy arms!" -- Julian in Viking accent.
Photo by Julian
Julian: Momsh picture mo kami ni Semo.

Julian: "Ako naman kiss sa kanya!"
Ready to leave!
Mother, Diane and family, Julian, Me, Father, Jewel, Ronnie, Chong, and Jigs
Jewel's face: normal
We left the resort at 11:30 and reached Lipa at around 1:00 PM. My mom wanted to be home soon and suggested that we have lunch in Alabang instead. So great we didn't listen to her.
Jollibee! Where else!
Fun experience for everyone, I think. The place wasn't that spectacular but it's really great that we didn't have to worry about a thing. The room was comfy; guests have their own towels, toiletries are provided, the blankets were not mere flat sheets (duvet, I think), and since there was only one AC in our room they provided us with an extra fan. The food wasn't amazing but not bad either. And their WiFi signal was very strong! The place wasn't crowded, too which is really good. 

Aside from the long commute, the whole trip was wonderful. It's always great to be with your family. At least once a year, we didn't try to strangle each other. Right mother? :)

I wonder where we'll be at next year. Suggestions? :) 

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