Sunday Affair Part !: Fathers' Day celebration on the mats

3:31:00 PM

"The family that plays Judo together, stays together!"

Is this line copyrighted? Because if not, it's mine. I made it up!

It's no secret anymore that everyone in our family is a judo player but just to be clear, my folks are not your average judokas. They're the best in their respective categories during their days. And from how my mom and others talk about my dad, he's the best (better than the John Baylon)! Yep, we learned from the freaking' best.

I’m forever thankful that our Dad raised daughters who will not take shit from anyone. Daughters who, despite their lovely faces, can kick ass. Thank you mom and dad for not making life too comfortable for us; we learned the right way.


Happy fathers' day Pa!

Kahit ganyan ka, lab ka namen. Lalo na ni Tetet. :D

P.S. Other pictures from today:

MJCDSC_3233[1] Seniors! Pot-pot, Ate Reeka, Me, and Jayson.

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