Halfway there

11:06:00 PM

... and things are doing pretty well. A few more and it'll be July--then Christmas!--before you know it.  

1. Crashed a party at Time Out in UM (in DLSU Taft). Thank you Sir Allan Pamis for treating us to dinner and tix!
2. Nails: Titanium
3. Feeling healthy! Bought mangoes and apples for my Sunday shift.
4. Quotes: What a kiss should be like.
5. Cole Haan shades from Sup. #HindiPaBayadYan
6. Nails: Simply Red
7. My supplies: eye mask, scissors, pen and refill, cord winder, tin can.
8. Flower stalls at Farmer's Market in Cubao.
9. Throw back Thursday with Chong back in 2006.
10. Julian's back to school! Note to self: finish the goddamn post.
11. Last minute prep: haircut!
12. Breakfast at J.Co today, Independence day.
13. Forgot the name of the store where I bought this cupcake at Shang.
14. Man of Steel! Review in a bit.
15. Deacon's 1st birthday and christening this coming Sunday (June 16)!
16. Quotes: A world of her own.

Aside from the unpredictable weather, June's quite awesome. I hope the remaining months will follow suit. Aja!

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