Why is love worth it?

12:25:00 AM

Because it is ...
a soft bed after a long day at work.
the plush bedroom slippers after wearing tight shoes all day.
a Tuding's meal when you're really hungry.
the uniterrupted WiFi connection when you're downloading a movie or going for a chain kill.
the winning game in PBA or NBA.
the siopao given to you by your five-year-old boy.
the cool breeze on a hot summer night.
a tight hug after a shitty day.
an unexpected text in a boring afternoon.
the kiss after a big fight and you were the asshole but you were kissed first.
the warm embrace in a chilly night.
the smile you get after being so rude.
a surprise visit.
an "I miss you so much" text after days of not seeing one another.
the extra "anything' that nobody wanted but you secretly wished for.
that brewing coffee in the morning.
that money you thought you lost.
finding home-cooked Adobo that you wished for all day.
food shared with friends.

Do you think love is worth it?

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