Not another 30-Day Challenge

11:56:00 PM

Ahhh.. Just ahhh...
I hate running. Or jogging. Or any similar activities. It's lame. It hurts and not in a good way. It's boring. For an athlete, it's weird to hate it. But I do. I've dodged it any chance I got.

But I'm running now. I started several months ago but I got lazy and stopped. Now, I'm running again. No, I'm not trying to lose weight. I'm maintaining it (so I can continue drinking Mountain Dew every lunch and munch on chocolates or chips at night while crying my eyeballs out because of Grey's Anatomy). Plus, I had a heart scare very recently (another reason why I hate Valentine's Day).

It's great that 10 steps from my door is the next best thing to an oval track. Plus my mom picks the best running shoes (naks)!

I just need a good playlist to run to and I'm all set. Oh and a new set of sauna suit, too! It's really chilly in Bilibid after five in the afternoon no matter what the season.

Happy running!
Just the comfiest trainers! Ganda ng shoes mo talaga *Tetet!
*Tetet = is ze mother

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