Food related death or injury

10:00:00 PM

According to the office mates, pizza is peasant's food. Oh jeez. Perfect!
From S and R. Yumeeeeeh!
Choking, food poisoning, allergies... How else can you die because of food? Please share. I think we need some lessons on over-eating.
Ms. Taguig, Yuann, and Euke
I have no idea who these people are.
Nope, it's not Eli's birthday. It's Sir Dru's.
Happy birthday Sir Dru! Thank you for feeding us!
TL: Uy, birthday ni Sir Dru today!

All: Yey!

Me: Sir Dru! Happy birthday!

Sir Dru: Thanks. You guys ready for some dessert? Maybe around 2? You have classes?

All: Yes! We're free! Feed us! (or something like that)
Lunch time: we had the usual meal, a cup of rice, a serving of dinuguan for me (which can probably feed two to three people), and Mountain Dew. We were beyond full when alas, pizza (lots of it) arrived after an hour. We should have ignored the pizza, yes? Of course we didn't. We love pizza. We love free pizza! We love free anything!
Yuann: (carrying the boxes) dessert!

All: YEY! 
How can we eat so much? I have no idea. We just, well, love food. Especially if it's free. I love birthdays! Tomorrow's our Valentine's pot luck. More food! Yey!

P.S. Sir Dru brought this last Saturday. S and R's full of the good stuff. Hmmm.. I should probably get a membership there.
To die for!

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