Winbelle Pension House

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Stayed here for about three weeks and thought of doing the online community some service by posting a review of this place.
DSC_0391DSC_0392DSC_0395Room 1
Good points:

  • Cheap. Not really bad for 700 pesos a day. You can also get a discount if you’ll stay for more than 7 days. Their rooms are good enough for two with a (semi?) double-sized bed, a small dining area (with two chairs), cable TV, WiFi, hot and cold shower, towels, phone, air-conditioning, large mirror, built-in cabinet, and a small table (where the phone is).
  • Convenient location. It’s right beside RCBC bank, Mercury Drug is right across the street, it’s near Mang Inasal, a wet market, inasal (MUST TRY!), parlor, grocery store, gas station, eatery, Mc Donald’s dessert take-out, bakery, Bong-Bong’s pasalubong, and money transfer establishments.
  • Comfortable bed! It’s so comfy you can lie in bed all day!
  • Quiet area.
Bad points:
  • Water pressure in the shower’s awful. Not to mention the several times I had to ask them to fix the hot and cold shower. Toilet flush was powerful though.
  • WiFi connection was slow and often times intermittent. Not that I needed it but of course most people consider fast Internet connection a basic necessity these days.
  • Cockroaches everywhere! It wasn’t so bad in Room 1 but Room 5 was like a den of cockroaches, the small ones? I came home one day (this is in Room 5) and cockroaches were all over the bed! I couldn’t transfer since the other rooms were booked. I had to ask for their housekeeping service every other day. Good thing I always bring Lysol with me.
  • Poor drainage. Experienced this on my few last days. I showered one morning and noticed that my feet were deep in water after. It didn’t bother me that time since I thought it’d be okay by the time I get back. It stayed that way until I checked-out.
  • Room service badly needs improvement. They’d only change the sheets and towels, empty the trash bin, and sometimes sweep the floor. They never bothered cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floor, wiping the surfaces, and deodorizing!
  • No common kitchen or dining area. If you need hot water (for your drinks or food), you’ll have to ask them to boil water for you. There’s a small nook near the front desk with a sink, rice cooker, and electric pot. I’m not sure if guests are allowed to use them though. Didn’t try asking if they have utensils I could borrow.
  • No comforter or fleece blanket. You’ll have to ask for a better blanket since they’ll just give you a thin sheet. What they gave me is a comforter cover? I think. Good thing I brought my own.
I didn’t take any pictures of the façade. Make sure you tell the tricycle drivers that it’s the one beside Prince. I heard there’s another Winbelle Pension House. No idea where the other one’s located though.
Didn’t have any chance to take a peek at their suites but I heard the rate is around 1,500 a night.
Check out their facebook page for more info or try booking through Agoda.
Winbelle Pension House: 2nd Floor, Winbelle Homes Arcade, Rizal Street, Silay City, Silay City, Philippines 6116

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