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We were absolutely positive we'll spend the weekend outdoors and do something different. We planned on going to Carbin Reef Saturday morning so we decided to transfer to Bacolod Friday morning to avoid any hassle. It was already late when we found out that we have to make reservations for Carbin Reef. The nice guide managed to squeeze us in but we'll have to stay in a boat since all the tents were fully booked. Plus we'll have to rent said boat which was 1,200  (round trip). To cut the story short, we slept through the alarm and didn't go.

Anyway, GoHotel was better than we thought it'd be:
  • The bed was comfy. There were lots of soft pillows and comforter!
  • Lighting really is everything. It made the room so pretty and falling (and staying) asleep so much easier.
  • The rain shower was awesome!
  • It’s right behind Robinson’s Bacolod.
  • Free WiFi.
A few things we hated about it:
  • No eating in the room. You’ll be charged a certain fee if they see traces of food. We snuck in pizza one night then one slice slipped out of the box and left small stains on the comforter. We carried the comforter to the bathroom and washed the affected area. We didn’t want to pay the 1, 000 peso fee. 
  • The rain shower malfunctioned and instead of spraying water in one direction (downward), it worked like a sprinkler and sprayed brown water all over.
  • No cabinets. I don’t like keeping my stuff in bags and in the luggage.
Always book early so you can get a room for as low as 880 pesos a night (taxes and fees not included). Insurance is less than 100 pesos per guest. There’s laundry service, a small grocery store, and massage at the lobby.
Overall, the experience in GoHotel was satisfactory. We were able to relax and rest to our heart's content. We would’ve stayed longer if we could. If there’ll be a next time, we’ll make sure to do more activities and see more places in Negros!

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