Dry Shampoo: Batiste (Cherry)

3:43:00 PM

Finally! Batiste is probably one of the most popular brand of dry shampoo. After several months of passive-aggressive search, I was able to get my hands on one just before my trip to Silay. 

A can costed me 650--590 plus 60 shipping fee. Dove was a lot cheaper and bigger but I couldn't find one anymore. Plus I really wanted to try this one out. 

I really love the cherry scent of Batiste. It's not too strong but enough to make your hair smell fresh. The build up of the residue is very minimal, too. I didn't experience any itching after four straight days of using it.

Unfortunately, it was almost empty after only a week! I really wish it lasted a little longer. Well at least I'll be able to try the other scents soon.

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