Rules of Kissing Correctly

7:00:00 AM

I was cleaning my email and deleting super old ones when I found this folder with forwarded stuff. The one below isn't exactly 'genius' but I figured maybe there are people out there who might need some advice. By the way, this list wasn't from me. Again, this was just forwarded to my email. 

Happy kissing!
  1. When kissing, make sure your eyes are closed (you can peek a little, but nothing more!). -- I think it's really awkward to open your eyes while kissing. 
  2. When you are kissing someone, make sure it is not someone else's b/f or g/f! 
  3. You may NOT eat pizza anytime before you make out. -- Or sisig, binagoongan, laing, lechon, dinuguan, the list goes on.
  4. If a person is a bad kisser, you may NOT stop and leave at anytime-it's rude. -- Why the hell not???
  5. A person with braces may not kiss another person who has them. 
  6. When kissing, make sure your hands are where they're allowed (they can wander sometimes, and some people don't like that). 
  7. NEVER ask someone if they're a good kisser-you will either get a wrong answer, or the truth will hurt you. 
  8. If you were expecting more than kissing, don't complain-you will get less the next time. 
  9. Kissing more than one 1 person in a day can result in you not being allowed to kiss one of those people anymore. 
  10. Don't kiss someone for the first time while you are laying in their bed. -- Why? 
Kissing rules anyone?

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