Benefits of break ups ...

6:00:00 AM

broken heartedness, fuckedupness, and all that shit. Are there any? Hell, yeah!

Awesome sound track: I'm so in love with devastating heart break songs and it has always felt inappropriate to like them when you're in a relationship. But now, I can freaking make a music video out of all these songs and no one would dare question. I can sing to my heart's desire and really mean every fucking word.

Star of any inuman: This one has a shelf life though. People will get tired of your whining after a few days or weeks or so. It really depends on your crowd's tolerance of whatever sob story you have and if you're the one buying the drinks.

Quotes and inspirational cards: Suddenly, every goddamn quote people post on facebook or twitter is relevant to you. You have all the reason to like, share, comment, re-tweet, or whatever and people won't really mind seeing your emo related activities because you're grieving.

Brings friends and family closer: I was overwhelmed with the concern and support from people I did not expect to be concerned at all.

Lose (an amazing amount of) weight: I would never have believed it myself if I did not do it for two weeks straight but I've barely eaten any kind of food. My body ran mostly on liquids: water, juice, tea, coffee (lots of it!), and beer (or any alcoholic drink but it's mostly beer). From 56.5 kilos, I'm now 52 kilos!

Those are what I have so far. Anything you want to add to the list?

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