Octopuses? Octopi?

10:30:00 AM

I was doing this lesson about sea animals and one animal I put in the lesson is the octopus. I couldn't think of any activity to tie to the theme and I remembered we don't have any lessons for counting yet, so I thought that's what I'll put here.

So one octopus is octopus. How about two? Two octopuses? I had to ask around if this is correct. I could have googled it up but of course I don't want to ruin everybody's fun of finding out the answer. Ria, Daryl, and Jay gave me correct answers. Octopuses! Daryl said it's octopi.

Here are some funny stuff about octopuses, octopi!

I personally have been using "octoplurals" for the better part of 3 years now because it's just plain fun to say.

I'd go with "octoparty."

How 'bout "octopals?" (As in "my octopus pals and their garden")

If they get too close they might become an octoknot.


And if the world is destroyed by a giant octopus, it shall be the octopolypse.

http://boingboing.net/2010/07/27/octopuses-octopi-oct.html -- Link courtesy of Ria, because octopuses sounded like an octopus that is possessed! :D

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