Julian at Bro. Ceci Cup 2017

9:02:00 PM

We spent the weekend at De La Salle Zobel because 1.) Julian participated in the Bro. Ceci Cup 2017 and 2.) my sister's team participated, too. It's the first tournament of the year and the first tournament after the new scoring system was established where you either get an ippon and the match ends or you get more wazaris than your opponent until the time ends. So it's either the matches end right away or the whole time is used up (or somewhere in between). Add that to the 350 participants and other setbacks the tournament experienced so it ended at 11:00 PM! 

Anyway! It was thrilling to see the venue filled with participants, staff, spectators, and parents. There were teams from the UAAP schools, different LGUS, I think the Davao and Baguio teams also joined, and of course Jagsport of Singapore was there. 

Julian placed third. I know he got upset when he lost his first match but he easily changed his mood when he won his second with a full point. He was ecstatic! As if he won a match in the Olympics! I couldn't be any prouder. He was full of energy and enthusiasm that it didn't matter what his medal was. I'm so proud of this boy! Keep on fighting Julian!
Yeah, look at that cheek!
He lost in this match.
He felt so tired daw.
Akala mo nag gold eh.
Julian look here!
"Mommy naka-ippon ako!"
Our players' number one fans. Thank you parents for the undying support! Next competition ulit. 

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