Agreeable Family Baguio Suites Review

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I can't believe I didn't make a post about this place! We went to Baguio years ago and stayed at this place. I found it on Agoda. When I saw the photos of the kitchen and dining, I was sold. 

I believe it costed us six thousand pesos for a night. There were six of us that stayed there but the place could easily fit 10-12 people. It has two bedrooms, one bedroom has two semi-double beds and the other large room has three beds. There are also two bathrooms, one bathroom is shared by the two bedrooms. It has a kitchen, dining room, living room, and spacious front yard. 

Large bedroom with three beds. One queen size bed, a semi double, and a single bed.
Super comfy bed and beddings.
Our friend slept here instead. 
Super beautiful yard.
Right outside our unit.
Dining room.
Living room and bedroom are elevated.
Beautiful kitchen and fully equipped with the essentials. 
We stayed here for two nights and of course we would've stayed if we could. The house was well kept, everything was in order, it was spotless, it was well furnished, it was spacious and well lit, and most importantly, the beds were so comfortable!

Hard for me to say if the location was ideal, since it's near a main road. I believe it was very near the groto. Traffic in Baguio is so screwed up in the evening though, so beware.

We did the usual activities: strawberry farm, breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins, Burnham Park, and Ukay-ukay!
Didn't try the strawberry taho though.
Had to try Cafe by the Ruins
Wood all over.
Superb bacon!
I am so sorry but I did not like the hot choco. I ordered the best seller and it tasted weird for me. The cinnamon bun was not as sticky as I expect it to be. 
Anyway, got to visit again in 2015 with colleagues from work and the traffic still sucked. It's still a fun place to visit but it's too crowded. Really hoping they save this place from breaking apart.

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