Quick getaway to Thunderbird Resort in Rizal

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Do you remember what the world was like before Waze or Google Maps? We surely wouldn't have been able to explore many places if navigation relied solely on reading printed maps and using a compass.

Anyway, we had a quick getaway to Thunderbird Resort which is in the highest part of Binangonan, Rizal I believe. We were having some second thoughts on how great this trip will be since none of us or anyone we know has ever been there. Reviews we've read and pictures we saw revealed that maybe it's as good as advertised so what the heck, right? Oh we're all glad we went, would've been nicer if we were able to stay for another night though.

What we loved about Thunderbird Resort:
  • Two-hour drive from Manila. Easy to reach because Waze and Google Maps didn't screw us up. 
  • Isolated. We loved and hated that it was far up the mountains. It was far from where people, vehicles, and buildings dwell. Air is fresh and clean. 
  • Rooms were spacious and neat. 
  • The bed's my absolute favorite. You kind of just melt into it but you don't get the drowning feeling. There were lots of equally yummy pillows, too. 
  • Breakfast was plated, unlike the usual buffet style we're used to, but the serving was hefty. 
View going in to the resort. Took this before six in the morning. 
Seriously thought this was an infinity pool. 

Super relaxing view. 

Bakit kaya Thunderbird? 
Lobby area

We didn't explore this area. Those stairs are supposed to lead to the Casino. 

View from my room. 

High in the sky. 
Spacious room!

All rooms have a small receiving area.

One of the comfiest bed I've ever slept in. 

Receiving area of other room. 

Two people can sleep comfortably in those beds.

Small area for coffee and fridge.

TV's pretty small though compared to the size of the room. 

Shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, and shower gel are provided. 

One of my favorite spots in the room. 
Some issues you might have during your stay: 
  • They provide shuttle service if you need to go "down" but you'll have to wait for the schedule. 
  • Food choices are limited but we super loved their grilled liempo (pork belly) and crepe. 
  • Minor issues in the rooms include: hot water in the shower was not working, broken shelf doors, no floor mats in the bathroom. When I called the reception about the shower, they sent someone in immediately and it took them 15 minutes to get it running properly. 

We super loved our stay! If you're into activities and exciting stuff, you might want check what they have to offer on weekends because there's really nothing going on during weekdays. We didn't get any chance to check out the casino and the spa so maybe all the fun is in those areas.

Should you stay here? If you want to breathe in some fresh air and just chill without going too far away, then this place is for you.

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