Jada's 3rd birthday party at The Round Table

6:41:00 PM

I seriously considered this restaurant when we were looking for a place for Julian's 9th birthday. I read from somewhere that it's a pretty decent for a buffet so the kuripot me automatically liked it. We didn't push through because it's in Kapitolyo and the familia is in Alabang. We opted for Neil's Kitchen instead.

Anyway, we were finally able to eat here when we were invited to attend a birthday party and I'm glad we showed up.

View from the inside to entrace
View from entrance door (dining area)
Yes, kame pinakaunang bisita.
Cute Jack-o Lantern planters
Up close
I wonder if they personalized this
Buffet area
I super love the chandelier
Buffet table
Dessert table
What I loved about this place:
  • Cozy. Best for a quiet lunch with the family. 
  • Buffet area set-up was pretty.
  • The roast beef was delicious.
  • Affordable for a buffet.
  • They have WiFi but I didn't check if it was fast or what.
  • Nice interiors, tidy, clean, and well lit.
  • Daily theme for the food; there's variety every day but I think the roast beef is a staple. 

  • Not a lot a room for movement, so not recommended for entertaining or for kids (or adults) who can't stay put. 
  • Food selection is limited. 
  • Parking can be very challenging. If you've been to Kapitolyo, you should be familiar with the parking situation. 
Ugh. Most annoying smile.
Super pretty rainbow cake.
This baby loves to dance.
The star of the event lived up to her name. She's the perfect hostess. She made sure everybody had her attention. She went from table to table, charmed everybody with her smile and danced and sang! 
The cutest way to blow out a candle ever is to blow air between your teeth, saliva and all.
Can't wait to open her gifts!
Happy birthday Jadapot! You're easily the sweetest baby girl in town. We hope you grow up to be a nice and smart girl. Make your momma proud. Thank you for inviting us!

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