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Since Julian's birthday was on a Wednesday, we had to have something on the weekend so the family will be complete. Alas, life still happened and there were many who couldn't join the lunch date. 

From the several restos we looked into, Neil's Kitchen was the final choice and I'm so glad we chose to dine here. 

First and foremost, Ms. Cynthia, who I assume was the person I was chatting with on their FB account, was very accommodating! I told her that it was Julian's birthday and asked if they had cake so there's something we can stick a candle into and she went out of her way to order one for me with no extra charge. The cake was delish and Julian got giddy when the staff started singing a happy birthday song for him. There's always someone on standby in case you need something. They were prompt and courteous. No one was masungit and suplada.

Next, the ambiance was warm and enticing. As you can see from the photos, the interiors and design are so unique. Every space has something interesting on it. The place was well lit and decorated. 

I loved the decals. Couldn't take photos of the others posted upstairs since the place was full when we went there, might have been rude to the other diners to snap photos.

Lastly, the food was awesome. I believe that good food satisfies many senses: it has to smell good, taste good, texture should vary, and nice to look at. 

Binagoongan paella and kare-kare for mother (395)
Ayaw pa nya nito nung una. Kare-kare lang daw bet nya. Tapos tikman eh walang tigil kakasabi na ang sarap!
Bbq pork belly with java rice for Beks and Mamang (395)
Perfect for Beks because of the portion. Perfect for Mamang because the meat was tender.
Boneless chicken inasal with hainanese rice for me (395)
I like everything about this dish! I wish the vinegar dip was spicier though. Even the salad was a winner. Had a hard time finishing this off. 
Alabang Fried chicken with gravy rice for the birthday boy (395)
This is probably good for two. Julian wasn't even able to finish half of it. About the gravy, "Mommy parang KFC na gravy."
Sinigang paella with grilled pork belly for Mami Chit (350)
Didn't get to taste but all who did said that the rice was sour. Sinigang nga eh! Definitely a nice take on the usual sinigang. 
Julian's nth cake! He super loved it!
Hello Julian!
Suplada si Mamang
Si Tetet at ang kanyang paboritong anak na lalake.
That's my green mango shake (120)
We loved everything about the dining experience. The only thing I'm complaining about, because I'm kuripot, is the price. Well not really, not bad because the servings are hefty for one (but may be not enough for two, know what I'm saying?). 

We'll definitely go back and try their other dishes. 

Again, thank you Neil's Kitchen for the wonderful lunch for me and my family. Until next time!

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