Julianwebe! Julian turned 9 years old

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There's so many things about motherhood I still do not get. Though I'm strong physically, emotionally, and mentally, motherhood knocked me out good. It's November 25, 2016 and I don't remember the last time I wasn't tired ever since I became a mother.

I'm exhausted but I've also never been this happy since Julian was born. This boy came along and changed our lives, especially mine, forever. I certainly became better because of him. I practically had no choice but to step up my game because Julian deserves nothing but the best from me. Aside from him being my kid, he's the sweetest, most loving person that came into my life.

Months before July, he'd do a birthday countdown! While I want to give him a lavish party, I know it would be unwise to do so. I love this kid so much but I would never spoil him. So the plan was to greet him with a cake, take him to school, pick him up then go swimming, then have dinner.
Chocolate caramel cake from Aggy's. Super yummy!
He was all smiles when he went up and saw his first cake on the table.
Picking him up from school is so fun 'cause he'd be so happy to see me.
His favorite thing to do, swim!
Waiting for our turn. He said he just wanted to eat at McDo but immediately changed his mind when he saw what's inside Viking's.
Super gutom.
Of course his plate was full of bbq!
Me: O eto 200, mag-McDo ka na.
Julian: Eeeeeehhhhh.. I love it here! Where's the fried chicken at? 
One of my faves!
Our favorite spot
I loved the fudge and pudding best.

This makes everything right in the world tbh!
Super pagod from swimming, then super busog with dinner, ayan bagsak!
We really hope he had a good time. We're celebrating again, this time with the whole family, this coming weekend at Neil's Kitchen. Hopefully, we'll be able to throw a big party next year since it's his 10th. I'm sure he'd love it if he can invite his friends and classmates to a party. What's a good theme???

Happy ninth birthday Julian. We are all so lucky to have you. I feel so relieved, so proud, and so happy that you are my son. You'll always be my rock and my guiding star. Thank you very much for everything you do for me kiddo. I love you to the moon and back pudgy. Happy birthday!

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