Dry Shampoo Series: Dove

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Friends at work know very well that I’m an advocate of not washing your hair too often for the following reasons:

Frequent washing makes your hair more vulnerable to breakage.

Washing and drying your hair eat so much of your time.

Shampooing often removes the natural oil in your scalp.

Related to #4, you have to use a conditioner after shampooing which costs you money.

I’m sure you agree with my reasons but because of the weather and the pollution in the Philippines, it seems taboo not to wash your hair everyday. Almost everyone I know says they feel dirty if they don’t wash their hair.

On days that I don’t wash my hair, I simply tie it in a bun. That’s it. But when I cut it really short (pixie short) it was a challenge to hide the oiliness and limpness. I learned about putting talcum powder on your scalp because it absorbs the excessive oil on your scalp. Worked for me for a long while but since I don’t really give it much attention (how I put the powder, where I put it, etc.), I sometimes end up going outside with white powder on my head. Some would mistake it for dandruff! Plus, it’s impossible not to make a mess during application.

So I got really excited when I read about dry shampoo but I couldn’t find any of the brands I read in blogs. Most of them were only available in the US and I am not willing to spend more than a thousand bucks for it (shipping probably costs more than the price of the product). I found some online stores which sell them for around 500 to 1000 pesos. Great right?

Good thing I didn’t place any orders yet because when I went to PCX (it’s right beside Bench Fix) at ATC one time, lo and behold, dry shampoo! While I was smiling at the idea of not having to pay for any shipping fee, I could tell the cashier was weirded-out when I asked several times (okay, I asked thrice) if the price was really just 246 pesos.

Anyway, I thought it’s a good idea to help girls like me with this dry shampoo thing. I have very thin and fine hair. I also color it from time to time and trim it every once in a while. The first dry shampoo I’ve tried is Dove’s. You’ll get mixed reviews about this brand. I gave it a try anyways since it’s the only brand I can get my hands on.

I was thinking of doing the pros versus cons thing but I guess the experience will be different among users: the smell, consistency of the product upon applying, packaging, lasting power, etc. Dove’s dry shampoo, if used right, definitely delivers. The smell is a bit strong at first but wears out after a few minutes. A can lasted me 6 weeks and used it generously; 4 days at most in a week. So it will definitely last you longer if you use it sparingly. It comes in a pretty big can, something that won’t fit in a small purse or kikay kit and has a cap (snap-on). Had to mention the cap because I prefer the lid or cap connected to the container so I won’t have to worry about misplacing it. It’s an aerosol type so application is not messy. Just make sure you grab the right can because I mistakenly sprayed Lysol on my hair (almost the same size as the smallest Lysol can). It is also very essential that you shake it well before and during the application to ensure effectiveness.

A day or two with dry shampoo wasn’t bad. On the third day, the white substance (powder?) were visible, especially near the forehead. My head started to itch as well and I had to re-apply it twice that day. On the fourth day, the build-up of the substance became annoying. I couldn’t brush it off no matter what I do. No other choice but to finally wash it.

I don’t have any before or after pictures because I don’t know how that works yet. Maybe on the second product I’ll try.

P.S. Naks! Feeling reviewer na ko. Pagbigyan. Mga ilang months na nakatambak to sa drafts, kasama ang madami pang ibang drafts, ngayon lang na-post. Good job ako eh.

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