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Happy birthday to me!!!

One of the best birthdays I’ve had. I’m not one to make such a fuss about my birthday but friends and family made me really feel like it mattered.

I suck at saying thanks, so … Thank you!

I got these really early. Like what I said before, my sisters know me too well. I never thought I’d appreciate a purple bag before. Also, I love pink but I have never owned hot pink shoes ever.


I am not a morning person so I wasn’t exactly thrilled when my mom was screaming like crazy at around 7AM that I get my ass up because it’s my freaking birthday and the dad prepared breakfast for me. Not to mention that she was armed with a camera at 7 AM and she won’t stop taking my pictures when I’m at my loveliest state. Oh and yeah, she wrote a birthday greeting on Facebook exposing all of my deepest darkest (chos!) secrets, too.


Gifts from Myda and Micah! I love that Micah bothered wrapping it and leaving a note that I should probably wait until my birthday when she knows I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.


You have any idea what this could be? Cutest and girliest thing I own now.


Surprise! Well the whole thing was caught on video. But we have the worst videographer. Ever. Yes Ta Din, accept it.


I had to pull off some stunts before I was able to get these! So sweet.


Yay! Events team! I was usually the one preparing surprises and stuff but you did a great job hiding this whole shebang from me. I was completely clueless. (L-R: Micah, Trish, Ta Din, Myda, Yuwan)


And the cake! Good thing they remembered to leave some for me.


Pre-birthday lunch. So full!



Again, thank you so much for making this year’s celebration very special.

Here’s a little something the girls did. Can’t say I hate but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Happy birthday to me!

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