Brother Ceci Hojilla Judo Cup

7:41:00 AM

Video here. Thanks Ms. Marj!
Super proud about his Ippon Seionage since it's my favorite technique.
A couple of months back, Julian joined his very first Judo tournament and he got a silver medal without sweating too much.

Today, he got another silver medal because he was just so AWESOME!

Me: Julian! Picture tayo!
Julian: Kiss!
Me: Ulit!

Chong, Jayson, Jewel, Mother, and Me
Julian, Chong, Jayson, Jewel, Mother, Ate Net, Deacon, Me
Cutest participants. Hello Kazuma!
"Mommy, champion ba ko?"
Thank you Tita Wel and Tito Ronnie for the dinner!

This was the full match (thanks Chong!):

Good job baby! Until your next tourney!

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