Why girls keep on hating Valentine’s Day

5:21:00 PM

“May bulaklak ka nga, malalanta naman yan!”
“Hindi naman nakakain yan!”
“Nakakataba kaya ang chocolates.”
“Dapat hindi lang tuwing Valentine’s nagde-date.”
Yuck. Naka-red pa pareho!”
“Baduy mag-celebrate ng Valentine’s ha.”

I was never excited for this holiday. While it’s true that I hate couples who are PDA-ing, especially the ugly ones, I don’t hate the idea of giving your significant other flowers or gifts on this day. Or maybe treating them extra special just because everyone else is doing it.

The hate grew because well, I dated guys who are not romantic or sweet and I didn’t want to impose on them either so right before Valentine's, I'd tell them that I don't want any fuss. I'd convincingly tell them that I'm one of those girls who hate this holiday. Expectations are clearly set.

However, my sister and brother-in-law have had a completely idea. Ever since they've been dating, two occasions MUST BE observed well: my sister's birthday and Valentine's day.

All day, last Friday, my sister kept asking if I'll be home or if I'll be going out. Strange questions. When she didn't hear from me, she asked if something arrived in the house and I said there was none. Of course that ticked me off. The whole day I was nagging her on what it was and she wouldn't tell!

"Maya de Castro daw!", howled one of my co-workers one Tuesday afternoon. Weird. I'm usually the one ordering stuff for us in the office but we didn't order anything that day! We didn't have any idea of what it was. We thought it was the same thing that happened a year ago when food was delivered under my name (complete with all my contact details!) but I was mighty sure I didn't order anything. We went out, and lo and behold, flowers!


The girls and I giggled the whole time the delivery guy was unpacking and when we got inside the office. Everybody was teasing me. "Uy kanino galing?!", asked most of them. When I said it was from my sister and my brother-in-law, the awwwwws grew louder. One of them even said, "May sister din naman ako ah, pero di sya sweet."

Thank you so much Chong and Kimy. :) I was so proud carrying that box home and hitting lots of people with it while commuting home. Mother loved them, too! A million thanks for the really sweet surprise. Happy Valentine's Day!

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