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In my 20 plus years of living in Muntinlupa (Bilibid), I've never seen or experienced flood that's higher than my ankles (thanks Joe for the 'ankles' and 'heels' tutorial). Anyway, I had to go to the Muntinlupa Sports Complex in Tunasan last Monday to get something. 

If you're from Muntinlupa, Tunasan's one of the places here that gets flooded really bad (lubog-ang-bahay kind of flood). I only had 30 pesos that day (27 pesos was from my brother, so poor, I know) so commuting wasn't a viable option (the problem with tricycle rides is that you can't fool the driver into believing you've already paid unlike when you ride a Jeepney).

My best (and only) option was to drive there, but I don't have a car and license. Good thing we have a motorbike and my brother can take me there. So, me, brother and 1 helmet, a motorbike, and flooded Tunasan on a Monday afternoon. It was my first time to get splashed on (legs and thighs) with dirty and stinky flood water, so screeching was unavoidable (while flailing my legs and arms to make it more convincing). My brother wanted to push me off the bike to save himself from other motorists' attention. Good thing I held on to his 'love handles' pretty tight. What's worse is we had to pass by that street twice! 

On our way out of the complex, my brother asked me to take a picture of this:

Yep, that's a tub. With planks on the side. And large empty mineral water bottles underneath. It's great that I don't have to find out how this is used in real life.

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