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9:00:00 AM

Aside from high-heeled shoes, skirts and dresses, and wearing make-up, another skill we never learned from our mom (especially me!) is fixing our eyebrows.

Several youtube tutorials later, I was convinced that I should pay attention to my eyebrows: they're horrible, uneven, sparse, and just terrible. I thought I was doing a great job until I came home last night and my younger sister was at home and greeted me with:
"Ano ba yang kilay mo parang higad?!"
I have photos to prove her wrong. No? You agree with her?
I don't think they're "higad" at all! 
I never believed in stress causing breakouts until I had them. I want to thank my miserable love life for all the blemish and pimples nobody wanted!

Okay. So since she complained about my hideous eyebrows, I asked her to fix them this morning! Took her 30 to 45 minutes to finish both.
Allergy infested human! I hate my skin.
Kontrabida? No, right?

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