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Arkim and Len
I'm posting some of their pre-nup photos because:
  1. The pictures turned out to be more awesome than expected.
  2. Chong's red shoes were expensive. She's selling them to me. 
  3. I can never do anything like this.
  4. They looked so in love and happy in the photos. Everything looked natural.
  5. I'm out of stuff to post.
  6. I'm a proud bridesmaid! Booyah!
Click below for more lovin'. 

One of my favorites!
"Habulan tayo!"
By Aubs
I'd date a judo player again just so I can have a photo like this. 
Kimy! You look so gwapo here. 
Guess where they had the shoot.
Photos (grabbed from the sister's facebook account) by: 
Ate Aubs

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